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In the following example from recent news item, peroration refers to a speech and not to the concluding part of a speech: When the de Blasios arrived a little after 10, the candidate gave a brief peroration to the gathering outside, which surely numbered more than one hundred.

Peroration is a 10 letter word, used as a noun, a compound word, with Latin origins, and has the letters aeinooprrt (aeinoprt). Starts with p, ends with n, five consonants, five vowels and four syllables. Translation help and terminology resource for the English to Bulgarian term, peroration on the ProZ.com KudoZ™ translation network. This site uses cookies.

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Synonyms Worksheets Replacing Words  Beautiful example with wide margins. Beautiful and fresh lightly hinged example. Small peroration problems as allways on this issue, and slightly climate  Examples of peroration in a Sentence We sat through a lengthy peroration on the evils of the government's policies. gave an eloquent peroration celebrating the nation's long tradition of religious tolerance and pluralism Examples and Observations . The peroration is where the orator can really have fun.

The peroration is where the orator can really have fun. This is the opportunity to end on a twenty-one-gun salute, to move the audience to tears of pity or howls of rage, to wheel out your grandest figures and highest-sounding words. Examples of peroration in a Sentence We sat through a lengthy peroration on the evils of the government's policies.

Contradiction urges the speaker or writer to invent an example or a proof that is of exordium, narration, partition, confirmation, refutation, and peroration.

The role of the peroration was defined by Greek writers on rhetoric, who called it epilogos; but it is most often associated with Roman orators, who made frequent use of emotional appeals. A famous example was the speech of Marcus Antonius in defence of Aquillius , during which Antonius tore open the tunic of Aquillius to reveal his battle scars. Definition of peroration in the Fine Dictionary. Meaning of peroration with illustrations and photos.

his home, what happened next can only be described as a beautiful example By the time the final track 'Peroration Six' comes around, that release is sweet 

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🔊. While a peroration is supposed to be the driving conclusion of a speech, it can lose its power if it drones on for too long. 🔊. noun. The concluding part of a speech, typically intended to inspire enthusiasm in the audience. ‘he again invoked the theme in an emotional peroration’.
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Peroration example

use "peroration" in a sentence Mr Aldis counselled him not to learn his speeches, but to write out and commit to memory certain passages and the peroration. The minister read his peroration, to the effect that Britain's leadership in the world would be gravely weakened if Mr Attlee was replaced by Mr Churchill as EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB Then Paterno adroitly brought matters to a crisis in a bold peroration which changed the whole scene. THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS JOHN FOREMAN So it came that I struggled to my crutches and broke rudely in on Perry Thomas's peroration. "The word silly is a classic example of pejoration, or gradual worsening of meaning. In early Middle English (around 1200), sely (as the word was then spelled) meant 'happy, blissful, blessed, fortunate,' as it did in Old English .

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My father had probably kept this peroration and this threat for the last stroke. Mon père avait probablement gardé cette péroraison et cette menace pour me porter le dernier coup. The key word in your entire peroration, Mr Spock, was "death". Le mot important de votre péroraison, M. Spock, c'est "mort".

I would Read distribution, variability and similarity across samples . Peroration / Epilog .

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Peroration Sentence Examples The unification of Italy in a state protected by a national army was the cherished dream of his life; and the peroration of the Principe shows that he meant this treatise to …

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Example sentences with "peroration", translation memory No translation memories found. Showing page 1. Found 0 sentences matching phrase " peroration". Peroration, Your conclusion of your argument argument, provides a definition of the strategy and an example, and examines ways to evaluate each approach. Peroration meanings in Urdu is بخوبی Peroration in Urdu. More meanings of peroration, it's definitions, example sentences, related words, idioms and  Apr 6, 2017 Proof (20-28),The Refutation (29-30),The Peroration (31-33).